Health and Safety

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COVID-19 Precautions and the Health and Safety at Each Facility.

We are open!!

Our top priority at Swish365 is to ensure our members are safe and comfortable while they train to become the best basketball player they can be.

To go along with our normal hours of:
Monday-Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

We have added a Wednesday morning 9:00am-12:00pm option

We will track the usage of the new morning option and based on that data we may add more additional morning hours to be announced.

Before we open our doors, we wanted to let our members know what we are doing to guarantee that they stay safe within our facility.

Ensuring our Facility is Safe

• Our entire facility will be cleaned with ProKure V, which the EPA recommends using against COVID-19. To find out more information around this innovative solution, click here.

• All Swish 365 employees will also have their temperature taken prior to each shift, perform a self wellness assessment before their shift and will wear a protective mask during their shift.

• We are installing a protective barrier between our employees and our members to further the safety of everyone,

• Swish365 staff will be sanitizing the shooting area, shooting equipment and basketballs after each training session. To make this possible, we are going to create more time between sessions. This will allow us to properly clean each surface along with the guest keeping the appropriate social distance from the next member.

• The water fountains will be shut off. We are asking the guests to bring their own hydration, or we will provide bottles of water for our members for sale.

• If members are more comfortable bringing in their own basketballs, we encourage it and will still sanitize them after usage for you to take home after your workout.

• When the weather permits, we will open our overhead doors per the Responsible Restart Ohio Best Practices recommendation.

• Elimination of the lost and found section of each facility

• Prominent markings on where to stand to social distance when waiting for your next shooting session. We encourage players to arrive 3-5 minutes early to their session, no earlier.

• Establish log-in procedures for members/clients, and maintain that information for potential contact tracing.

• Hand washing or sanitization upon entry to facility.

• Use sanitizer products that meet the CDC guidelines.

• Have sanitizer available throughout the facility for employees and members.

• Clean and disinfect public areas and restrooms every hour using EPA-registered disinfectants, particularly on high-touch surfaces such as faucets, toilets, doorknobs and light switches.

• Parents of guests over the age of 12, we are asking that you stay in the car until the workout is over. It is important that we limit the number of people in the facility for safety. If you decide to stay during your child’s session, we strongly recommend you wear a mask and we will have a chair in each shooting zone for you to relax and watch your child’s session. That is the only place where you can be if inside of the facility.


*We are uniquely situated to provide players the opportunity for safe/secure/INDIVIDUAL basketball workout with the way our facility is set up and the type of training we are offering: Shooting machine/1 person- no contact.

*High School & Middle School coaches aren’t going to be able to work with players as HS & MS gyms are not available, what better way to show you are working on your game. We have the ability to track every shot and put % on shooting sessions, track daily workouts, and can track shots were taken and shots made per session. We have TV’s tracking every shot you shoot during sessions and as a member, you have the ability to look at these stats as you progress during the summer and report back to coaches: Nobody else can offer this

Our facility is taking the necessary steps to ensure we are offering a safe facility to allow our members to work on their game. Your safety is and will always be our number one priority.