Player Portal

Swish365’s Player Portal System allows you to track every single shot during your workout, the week, the month and even your whole basketball training career. All your shooting stats are tracked in real-time on a 55-inch TV that is located above each basket. The screen will show you how many shots you have made and missed on one side and the other side is displaying your career stats. The center of the screen has a display of the different shooting zones and keeps your percentage in real time.

Player Portal


Each Swish365 has a leaderboard for daily, weekly, monthly and career stats for all our members. You can see how you stack up against the entire Swish365 family and even compete against everyone for the title of best shooter or ball handler!

After a shooting session, you can analyze your performance on a computer or your smartphone. This information is extremely valuable so you can see the progress you are making and make you a better basketball player. Whether you find where you shoot the highest percentage from so you know where to be for a big shot or discover where you shoot the lowest percentage from so you know where to work harder, this information will make you a better basketball player.

Swish 365 Player Portal System

Imagine having every shooting session stats at the tip of your fingertips. What could you do what all of that information? We have developed the Player Portal System what tracks every one of your shots and displays the data onto a 55 inch TV screen above each basket. The screen displays your career shots made, missed and the longest made basket streak on one side, the other side of the screen displays your current session stats. The center of the screen has a display of the different shooting zones and keeps your percentages in real time in those areas. That is not all, the front desk now has a TV screen that will keep a leaderboard of daily, weekly, monthly and career stats for all of our players. You can see how your shooting compares to other members of Swish 365. Who will have to most shots made each week or month? Will it be you? See your name at the top of the leaderboard and have bragging rights with all of your friends.

When you are all done, you can view every shooting session you take on your computer of phone to see your progress. This information is super valuable and you can use it to find where you shoot the best from and hone in your shooting stroke from those areas. I coached college basketball as a head coach for 12 years and we charted all of our players shots every day. We used this data to find the 3 areas where the player shot the best from out on the court over 10,000 shots. Once we had that data, we designed the offense around the best shooters and their “sweet spots”. Why be a mediocre shooter from 10 spots on the floor, find your best 3 areas, concentrate to be the best shooter from those areas and during the game get to those spots and shoot from them. Why waste time taking shots from areas you aren’t great from? This is the key to a great shooter!! Maximize your shot attempts to the few areas that really matter.

We now have the system for you to take your game to the next level, so don’t delay in using the best shooting facility in the area to gain the edge you need out on the court today!!

Court Time Sessions Include:

  • 30 minute shooting sessions each day on the Gun10K, the most versatile and advanced shooting machine out on the market today. Our members are able to reserve a shooting zone in advance to ensure they will have a place to shoot when they get to our facility.
  • 15 minute sessions on the Lazer 900 ball handling machine