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Welcome to Swish365, the most advanced basketball training facility with multiple locations in Northeast Ohio. With our state-of-the-art shooting machines, custom-developed shot tracking technology, and remote portal to track your statistics; Swish365 allows for technological and proven advancements in basketball through consistency and practice.

Hours Of Operation
Monday-Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm

Choose from 5 convenient locations

Skills Development

Swish365 offers several different skill classes to help players of all age, size and skill level. Skill sessions are 60 minutes long and cost only $15 unless you have an All Star or MVP membership. Classes have a limited number of spots available so the student to teacher ratio stays low for maximum instruction. Our dynamic instructors will have your child working on the fundamentals that get results out on the court. We don’t waste our time with crazy drills that are unrealistic that won’t help your child.

NST Sports Performance

Swish365 has partnered with NST Sports Performance in our Hinkley location to offer the very best in sports performance training for all ages. With a series of different classes for various ages and skill levels, NST can take you or your kids to a next level athlete. Classes are held at the Swish365 Hinkley location through the week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and allow for a whole different sports athletic experience for training.

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Player Portal

Track all of shots and compete against your friends, teammates or other locations with our Player Portal System. Our one-of-a-kind Player Portal System will track every shot you take, display your career stats, current shooting drills, real-time shooting percentage and show how you compare to other members.This information is very valuable to determine what areas out on the court are your “sweet spots” and concentrate on those areas to become the best shooter out on the court.

One on One Training

Swish365 offers one-on-one basketball training sessions with one of our highly skilled coaches. These sessions are $30 per 30 minutes and can be scheduled on the website based on trainer availability.

Our dynamic training staff will work one on one with your child to improve the skill level and give them the confidence to have success out on the court. Our trainers will create a custom training program that focuses on your child and their needs as a player and implement the plan each session.

Swish Basics

This class is a comprehensive workout that will cover various skills to increase the ability of our players. Fundamentals including dribbling, catch and shoot and attacking the basket are sample drills that would be apart of this class.

Future Stars

This class is focused on basketball skill development for players between grades 1-3. Class drills include ballhandling, passing, cutting, footwork and shooting will be covered. It is important for a young player to develop the correct fundamentals so they can grow as a player.

Swish Offensive Skills (S.O.S)

Our S.O.S. class is to teach our players how to be more efficient, effective and decisive with the basketball. During this class, we simulate real-time basketball scenarios to help our players understand what to look for in a defense with the ball in their hands.

Swish Big Man Concepts

Dominate the paint with our big man class. We will cover the best and most effective post moves, counter moves, and footwork needed to give you an edge against the defender.

Basketball TrainingSWISH 365

Swish 365 is a membership based facility, giving players the chance to gain a significant edge on the competition.


Choose from 3 convenient locations, Hinckley, Solon, and Coming Soon - Middleburg Heights.

Membership Packages

Choose from 8 different membership types.

BRUNSWICKShots made at our Brunswick location


SolonShots made at our Solon location


MiddleburgShots made at our North Canton location


North RidgevilleShots made at our North Ridgeville location

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