State-of-the-art basketball training

Our basketball training sessions are personalized tailored to your unique needs at Swish365. Our expert coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether you're focused on skill improvement or maximizing your reps. With a focus on quality and individualized attention, we offer the best training sessions in town.

Highly trained coaches committed to your development

Variety of opportunities to improve skills, including shooting technique and fundamental drills

Comprehensive training facility offering everything you need under one roof



Swish 365 will push your shooting talents to new heights! Swish 365 combines cutting-edge science and technology that delivers quick performance feedback that will help you become the best shooter on any court!


Improve your ball-handling skills by following our virtual trainer through a series of guided workouts designed to improve body alignment, ball speed, ball accuracy, and close control with either hand.


Our dynamic trainers will help you improve your skills with our small group skill classes. These classes cover the fundamentals of ball handling, shooting, and individual moves. Our trainers are some of the best in the area and will increase your child’s confidence and skill set out on the court.


We provide personalized one-on-one training sessions in which our trainers work with athletes to establish a routine tailored to their specific needs. These sessions are jam-packed with drills and insights to make you a better basketball player.


Compete in thrilling real-time tournaments like never before against other players in Swish 365 locations across the country. (Coming Soon!!)

what our clients say

Swish 365 shooting sessions and skill development classes have really made a difference in my son's abilities out on the court. His confidence is up and he is playing better than he ever has before. Swish 365 is one of the main reasons for the improvement.

Steve P.


I enrolled my child in the swish365 facility and was amazed by the techniques he learned during the sessions. Those sessions helped him become a better player as well as a person. Thank you!



An extremely professional place with kind staff and coaches who know how to deal with children. I would highly suggest this place to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of basketball and want to accelerate their career in this sport.




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