Swish365 is a membership-based facility that helps players increase their shooting abilities, fundamentals and confidence out on the court. Our members get 400+ shots up each session, work on their handles with our dribbling simulator and can work with some of the best trainers in the area. We have four membership options for players in 1st grade thru adults who want to gain an edge over their competition. From beginners to pro level athletes and everyone in between can all benefit from a Swish 365 membership.

There is no substitute for hard work. Our Dr. Dish shooting machines have workouts from the best players in the world on demand that will have you working out just like them. Create your own workouts or follow one of the 100’s saved just for you.

Looking to gain that edge on your competition? That is where we shine! Our training is always done in small groups to guarantee that all athletes receive attention throughout each workout.

Our Objectives

  • We envision providing you with the facilities, knowledge, and strategies you need to succeed in your basketball career.
  • Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in players’ lives throughout the world, either personally or by educating coaches and parents.

The Most Innovative and Dynamic Training Facility

4-10 Dr. Dish All Star+

The Dr. Dish All-Star+ shooting machines are the best in the market right now. Schedule your shooting session through our custom Swish 365 App, and you will always have a place to shoot when you arrive!

A Lazer 900 Ball Handling Machine

We are the only dribbling simulator in the area, and each of our facilities has one. We have a video-game-like setting that will test your ball-handling strength and abilities at every level.

Dr. Dish TMS Portal

We track every shot in real time on flat-screen televisions above each basket. You receive immediate feedback, and your metrics are then transferred to our leaderboard TVs at the front of the facility, where you can see how you rank compared to your friends and other members.