To learn more about the various membership options that Swish365 offers, scroll down to see the different options.

Each Membership gives you access to both locations!

Basketball Training Memberships and Packages

Swish365 knows that every single player has different wants and needs when it comes to basketball training. That is why Swish365 has several basketball memberships and packages that cover the most intense basketball player to someone who is just getting into the game.

Each membership allows for the following:

  • Daily 30-minute shooting session on the Shoot-A-Way Gun 10K, the most advanced basketball shooting machine on the market.
  • Daily 15-minute ballhandling session on the Lazer 900 machine, used by several professional and collegiate programs.
  • All Skill Development Sessions are FREE
  • M.V.P. Memberships allow for Daily 60 minute shooting sessions – Great value if you want to get more shots up each sessions

Every session is reserved online using our scheduling system.

Membership Rates(all memberships are recurring monthly)

  • Lil Swishers – $49
  • All Star Package – $99
  • M.V.P. Package – $140

Special Pricing Options

  • 3 Month All Star Package – $265
  • 6 Month All Star Package – $500
  • 12 Month All Star Package – $925

Special Family Options

  • 2 Person All Star Package – $175
  • 3 Person All Star Package – $230
All-Star Basketball Training Membership
Our most popular package, the All-Star membership, is $99/month and includes daily shooting sessions on one of our shooting machines as well as ball handing sessions. This is the perfect membership for all basketball players to maximize their training.
If you have 2 or 3 basketball players in the family and they all want to take advantage of the Swish365 facility, we offer a discount for multiple members. This is based on the All-Star package, which includes a daily 30-minute shooting session and 15-minute ball handling session.
If you are looking to save some money on our All-Star membership, we offer discounts based on the duration of your membership. A 3-month All-Star membership is $265, which is $33 savings, from buying 3 individual months.
Our M.V.P. membership, which is $140/month, is for players that need more than one session a day to work on their skills. With this membership, a player will get a 60-minute shooting session and a 15-minute Lazer 900 ball handling session each day.
Our Lil’ Swishers membership, which is $49/month, is for our future little 1st and 2nd grade boys and 2nd through 4th grade girls. We have the ability to lower the basket to 9 feet, lower the net for our shooting machine and slow down the drills to ensure that our little hoopers are developing strong fundamentals.