Using the most advanced basketball training technology on the market, Swish365 allows you to customize and personalize your basketball training program based on what type of skills need refinement. If it is shooting, take advantage of our numerous Shoot-A-Way 10K basketball shooting machines. If it is dribbling, our Lazer 900 machine will offer a variety of ball handling drills that will improve your handle immediately.

SWISH 365Basketball Shooting Machines – Shoot-A-Way 10K

All our facilities in Northeast Ohio use Shoot-A-Way 10K basketball machines, which are used many NBA, college and high school programs. Use the same technology that the best basketball players use to refine their skills.

The Shoot-A-Way 10K is one of the best shooting machines on the market. It offers adjustable passing distance, time delay and multiple shooting drills to enhance your performance. There is also real-time stat tracking through the system and our player portal that allows you to measure your performance and shoot for target goals.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the Shoot-A-Way 10K system from our video.

SWISH 365Ball Handling Machine – Lazer 900

The Lazer 900 ball handing machine is the world’s first motion-based cardio machine that is designed around ball handing. The machine has the capabilities to track every move of your body along with every bounce of the ball.

There are over 1 million live and on-demand workouts to hone your basketball skills. With three adjustable speeds and drills that vary in difficulty, beginners all the way to experts will be challenged by this machine.

Learn more about the capabilities by watching a sample drill video.

Looking to sign up or test out the elite basketball training program in the area? Contact us here today to sign up for a free shooting or dribbling session.