Swish365 allows you to train with any of our available instructors during your session to get the most out of your workout. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and have extensive expertise on and off the court. We offer individualized basketball training sessions to suit your needs and customize them depending on the goals you have set for yourself as an aspiring player!

Each facility has dedicated trainers that are part of either one-on-one classes or group skills development classes. Our trainers are highly credentialed and experienced in basketball regardless of the skill level of the player. The trainers can work on a vast amount of topics including ball handling and dribbling, shooting form, plays, techniques, and much more.

If you are interested in one-on-one training, click on the locations link and directly call the facility or speak to the front desk help. In order to use a one-on-one trainer – you must be a member of Swish365. In addition, skills development group classes can be scheduled directly through the app at each facility and are held multiple times weekly depending on facility location.


There are multiple ways to train in Swish 365 Training Lab. Special Packages are available for Professional, College, and Prep school athletes. Every day, our skill specialists train beginners to professionals.  No matter the skill level, you will gain the skills needed to enhance your game. In order to be select training, you need to be a member, sign up today.

Swish365 Stat Tracking

Get accurate shooting stats in no time!

At Swish365, we utilize the Dr. Dish TMS system to monitor all of your shots and display the results on a 70-inch TV screen above each basket. You can see in real-time your current stats and hot streak.

Leaderboard TV

Our Leaderboard TV displays our players’ daily, weekly, monthly, and career stats. You can examine your shooting and compare it to other Swish365 members.

See your name at the top of the leaderboard and brag to all of your friends.

You can check the record of the shooting session on your computer or phone to track your progress. This information is significant, and you may use it to determine where you shoot the best and perfect your shooting stroke from those areas.

Analyze Your Strengths & Weaknesses

We analyze data to identify the three areas on the court where the player shot the best out of over 10,000 shots. Once we receive it, we construct the offense around the greatest shooters and their “sweet spots.”

Why be a terrible shooter from 10 positions on the floor when you can locate your best three areas, concentrate on becoming the best shooter from those areas, and get to those spots and shoot from them during the game? Why waste time shooting in spots you’re not particularly good at? This is the secret to being a superb shooter.

Concentrate your shot attempts in spots that truly count.

Think about all of the times you’ve been lost in a game because you took shots that are not in your “sweet spots”. We urge our members to find the best spots and concentrate on those, so during a game your shooting percentage increase to expert level. Our state-of-the-art shooting facility will take your game to new heights.

A great way out on court has finally arrived: our state-of-the-art shooting facility offers top-notch coaching services with one goal; winning games and improving the technicalities.